Who Wants to Be…? tickets on sale now!

Who Wants to Be...?
The People Speak: Who Wants to Be…?
Anything can happen… and it probably will!
Friday 23 October, 7pm, Cinema 1, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff
As part of May You Live in Interesting Times, Festival of Creative Technology, we have commissioned The People Speak to facilitate a collaborative event where the audience writes a brief for a technology-based commission.
The £10 ticket fee is your ‘buy-in’ to voting – with another 199 people – on how to spend the money. The game show format offers everyone the chance to propose ideas, to discuss options (good, bad or just plain outrageous), and then to vote on the new commissioning opportunity that will absorb the entire evening’s box-office takings using an interactive voting system.
Who Wants to Be…? is inspired by the ‘ask the audience’ feature of the popular TV game show Who Wants to be a Millionaire?. In asking the audience to set the questions, provide the answers and decide what the rules are, Who Wants to Be…? gives people an insight into the possibilities of their collective imagination.
Marvel as peoples wildest ideas materialise instantly on the cinema screen, wait with baited breath as the votes come in live. And if you don’t like the game, you can vote to change the rules. Previous audiences have even come close to sacking the host! But whatever the outcome – your terms and conditions apply…
Don’t worry if you’re a technophobe, you don’t need any knowledge or experience of technology to participate.

Tickets cost £10 per person and can be booked in advance by calling 029 2030 4400 or you can use Chapter’s online ticketing system. Please follow the link to take you to the booking page: http://www.chapter.org/17069.html

Further information is available from the Festival team at 029 2031 1050 or email admin@mayyouliveininterestingtimes.org.uk


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