Real Institute present ‘Bwyd Sonique’ Thursday 22 – Saturday 24 October Cardiff

Sound: Simon Proffitt

Food: Karine Décorne

Bwyd Sonique is a series of multi-sensory improvised performances for small audiences that will nourish, entertain and enlighten: an experience that audience members see, hear, smell, touch and taste… Each performance is intimate and personalised. Karine will create delicious, mouth-watering food and drink whilst Simon will process and amplify the sounds of cooking via microphones and digital audio software, uncovering the hidden musicality of the kitchen: the steady and insistent rhythm of stirring, the drones and hisses of heat-on-pan, the chatter and bubble of boiling water. At the end of each performance, audience members will be given the food – their consumption of the materials completes the performance.

Bwyd Sonique will be performed at the following times on all three days of the Festival – apart from Saturday – as performances start at 2pm.











Places are limited to four per performance and you must book in advance. To book a place please contact Lauren at the Festival Office at:

029 2132 8082 or email

This award by the You May Fund is a May You Live in Interesting Times commission that was made possible by Safle with the financial support of the Arts Council of Wales. The You May Fund supports Festival activity by Welsh practitioners and is funded and supported by Safle, the strategic organisation for art in the public realm in Wales. More information about Safle is available at This project has received additional support from National Theatre Wales.


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